Sunday, June 14, 2015

Crimson Circle Reboot

This is a list of adventures thus far as well as some pertinent information -

Crimson Circle Consists of Two PC's and some NPC's.

Indeera - Undisputed leader of the Crimson Circle. A priest of Fayn and whispered to be the herald or chosen of fayn. Has been cleaning house within the catacombs of alborine. Has plans for the future, though even her closest allies are not entirely sure of her true intentions. Founded the crimson circle to be a group of members with absolute trust. Everyone outside the circle considered to be a potential enemy or resource. Has the mantle of Blood, though her power has not been witnessed by her circle.

Nariga - Nariga is a half elf, though its hard to tell. She's 6' tall with long raven black hair. She has blood red eyes that reveals her elven blood. She has pointed ears though her hair is thick and long enough to cover it. Nariga seems to be kind and motherly though she talks of others outside the circle with little interest and considers them mostly worthless. She holds the mantle of the Eel, although her power is yet to be seen, though she has told the others she has an infernal pact that grants her power, though she's seen much field testing.

Delikath - This half black dragon wizard is a diviner. Its known that he has a difficult past, though he isnt exactly open about his life. He is forthcoming with information and advice when asked. Its been noted that he doesnt care much for things that exist, and he holds a kind of apathy when looking at living creatures. Reclusive and cerebral he is still quite loyal and has done nothing to gain the ire of his fellows. Its also been noted that Indeera often confides in him, usually in the form of messages to the others. Delikath holds the mantle of murky water, a perfect mantle for such a mysterious and reclusive diviner.

Senris - This platinum haired roguish fellow is anything other than what he appears. He comes off as carefree and irrepsonsible, but its more likely that he's just extremely evil. He is prone to lies and is pretty good at it. He seems to care very little for his own life, shrugging when he heard of the consequence of attacking another circle member. He's a noted martial artist who takes his fights quite seriously. Since the death of there last warrior he is the premiere fighter of the group, behind indeera of course. He is the god of Wyverns, and has shown much of his power within that mantle.

Adventures Thus Far -

Adventure 1 - A ring around the roses - The circle was formed and a demonologist was targeted by the circle.

Solo - Four Dagger Puzzle - An assassin is given a task to prove his worth.
Solo - Krendles Kitten - An ancient thing in the catacombs takes care of a lost cat.

Adventure 2 - Too Good to be True - The troupe is tasked with retrieving lost faynish treasure from a long destroyed Temple of Tor'kir.

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